How to Choose Small Bird

how to choose small bird
How to Choose Small Bird

Choosing Your Small Bird

From the sweet birdsong of canaries to the playful charm of budgerigars, there are many different characteristics you may want to consider when you choose your small bird. There are several species, or types, of small birds that make good pets. Some are perfect for those who want to hold and play with their birds, while others are best kept inside the cage with other birds of the same species. Choosing the right kind of bird is a very important decision. You should consider the species’ personality, how much space, time, and attention they need, and how that fits into your life.


Zebra Finches as Pets

These little birds can live to be about eight to ten years old and enjoy living with other zebra finches. Most zebra finch owners enjoy watching their birds fly around their cage and interact with each other. This type of small bird is usually not kept as pet that you can play with or hold. Finches are perfect for someone who has the time to take care of a bird, but does not necessarily want to spend time handling it.

If you decide to get finches, be sure to buy more than one. Zebra finches are very active and need a lot of space. Make sure you buy a cage that is big enough for the finches to fly around. Because they are so small and fly so quickly, they should not be allowed to fly free. With enough space in their cage and a few perches to rest on, your finches will be happy to live with each other.

Zebra finches get their name because the black and white striped coloring at the neck is like a zebra’s sripes. However, there are many color possibilities in zebra finches, and some may have splashes of yellow on their cheeks and bright red beaks. Zebra finches are among the most playful small birds, which makes them fun to watch.


Canaries as Pets

Canaries grow to be about five inches long and can live for up to twelve years.

Many people think of all canaries as only being bright yellow, but canaries can come in different colors, from orange-red to blue and white. A canary usually prefers to have the whole cage to itself, so it is best not to keep more than one canary in a cage.

Like finches, canaries are not usually kept as birds that can be held and handled.

Most people keep the birds because of their beautiful colors and their ability to sing. Both male and female canaries can sing, but the males are the ones known for their beautiful songs. In fact, some canary owners enter their pets in canary singing competitions!


Budgerigars as Pets

Budgerigars—also called budgies or parakeets—are actually a small type of parrot. Because of their size, colors, and personalities, they are very popular pets. Budgies can be green, blue, yellor, or white. They grow to be about seven inches in length and live to be around five to eight years old.

Budgies are very social birds, and enjoy the company of other birds of their species, and also humans. One reason budgies are popular pets is because some are able to mimic certain sounds. When gently handled from a young age, many budgies are happy to perch on their owner’s hands, arms, or shoulders. Budgies need cages that have enough space to climb along the walls and perches. Most budgies also like to have special bird toys in their cage.


Lovebirds as Pets

These small parrots come in many colors, and grow to be around six inches long. Lovebirds can be very affectionate birds and can usually be handled by their owners. Many experienced bird keepers suggest only getting one young lovebird if you plan on holding it and spending a lot of time with it. If you cannot spend a lot of time playing with it, you should consider getting more than one, so that your bird will not get lonely.

The lovebird needs a cage big enough to climb around. They like to have bird toys and other things that will keep their curious minds active.

Though they do not mimic and sing like other small birds, many people enjoy the chattering noises these birds make.

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